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Christmas lights make a tree come alive, but what happens when just one little bulb doesn’t work? The entire strand of lights goes dark, and the tree loses its captivating glow. Likewise, your smile needs all parts of the oral system to work in harmony for optimal health, function, and beauty. Dr. Stacey Swilling and our team of dental healthcare providers will partner with you to take care of your smile today, so it will see many tomorrows!

Affordable Dental ServicesWe address all parts of the oral system, so we begin by capturing digital X-rays. Dr. Swilling evaluates how upper and lower teeth fit together, a relationship called occlusion. She analyzes the jaw joints for proper motion and inspects each tooth for signs of damage or wear. Our DIAGNOdent scanner can detect cavities in the earliest stage, when enamel begins to lose minerals. A thorough soft tissue examination includes inspection for gum disease, as well as an oral cancer screening.

If you suffer with headaches, teeth grinding, or pain in your head, neck, jaw, or mouth, please tell Dr. Swilling at your visit. She’ll investigate the source of your problem, then explain how to correct it. If you’re considering treatments to improve your smile’s appearance, Dr. Swilling will discuss cosmetic dentistry with you. After your checkup, you’ll meet with our hygienist for a gentle cleaning and polish. Before you go, we’ll book your next visit for a six-month checkup, restorative dentistry, or a cosmetic consultation.

Bring your children, spouse, parents, and friends to our office for exemplary dental care. Dr. Stacey Swilling and our team have served families from Sheridan, Arkansas, and surrounding communities since 2001. We look forward to meeting you, learning about your smile goals, and partnering with you to achieve optimal oral health for life. Call today to reserve your appointment.

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