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More Comfortable Dental Visits

You know from your own experience what a dental visit can be like. Not only is it uncomfortable having all those hands and tools in your mouth at once, it can be enough to trigger a panic attack. But Isolite’s unique design makes dental visits easier for patients and dentists alike. Its convenient mouthpiece isolates sections of the mouth for treatment, comfortably protecting the patient’s tongue and cheek during treatment. Attached to the mouthpiece is an LED light that provides shadowless illumination exactly where Dr. Swilling needs it. What’s more, added to both of these great benefits is the added bonus of Isolite’s variable suction capabilities, combining three essential aspects of dentistry into one and making every visit more efficient and comfortable.

If you’d like to learn more about how Isolite is changing the way dental providers like Dr. Swilling and our team are helping patients, give our Sheridan dental office a call or visit the Isolite website to take a video tour of this unique, revolutionary tool.

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